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Planning PR in Europe For The First Time?

Building a brand from scratch in today’s competitive technology market place takes a huge amount of effort and requires a completely different approach to managing an already established brand. éclat was originally launched during the dotcom boom of the late 1990s to help companies wanting to build a presence in Europe and we have helped dozens of companies from all around the globe, not only launch into the UK and Europe but also build their brand on an international scale. We’ve also had the opportunity to support and guide our tech clients on the whole journey from initial launch, all the way through to a successful public offering or sale of their company.

Building valuable brand equity and being perceived as an up-and-coming, innovative company is key not only to your sales success, but also your valuation as a company. Key to that is building a buzz around your organisation in both traditional and social media, as well as ensuring that you are on the radar of key industry influencers such as analysts, key bloggers and other industry.

We have 15 years of experience and an established track record of companies that we’ve helped cross the Rubicon from unknown company or brand to establishing themselves and their spokespeople as visionaries and thought leaders in the market place. Call us on fill in the form below to hear about how we’ve helped companies like yours to build a leading profile.

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