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Genuine results-focused PR


éclat Marketing is a specialist B2B Technology PR agency that focuses on delivering a real return on investment from our client’s PR budgets.  Most agencies measure the impact of PR campaigns, but few share the investment risk with clients by embracing a ‘Payment-by-Results’ business model.


éclat’s ‘Payment-By-Results’ (PBR) service links a significant portion of PR fees to achieving pre-agreed quarterly targets – such as quality coverage in key industry titles, social media presence, or appointments with influential analysts.  This approach works well because it creates a partnership approach to PR that involves the agency being completely conversant with the client’s business and the client knowing what the minimum level of results will be from its press and analyst activities.


éclat partners with its clients, ensuring that the client’s business and communication objectives are comprehensively understood, then delivers a clear PR strategy underpinned by a concise service agreement to support those objectives.


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