My first month at éclat – using my marketing background

Starting a new job is something I’m sure most people find daunting but, having finished university, last month, I was excited and ready to get stuck into work. At university I studied marketing and, for my placement year, I worked in a media agency, so PR was new to me when starting at éclat. The cyber security element was what initially caught my eye when searching for potential jobs, as it’s an industry that I’ve noticed more and more. However, it is something that I wasn’t really familiar with, so here I am, attempting to understand, and really enjoying it!

So, as mentioned above, I’m a marketing grad. Even though PR is technically considered as a branch under the marketing discipline, I haven’t had much exposure to it. Therefore, I was expecting my first month to contain the dreaded feeling of not knowing anything. But, it has been quite the contrary. There have been multiple occasions where I’ve been able to use my knowledge to help our team and give my input.

Firstly, I was made aware that éclat is currently in the process of growing its digital marketing capability and it just so happened that a client I’m working on required social media support. This entailed creating and implementing social media strategies, researching and outreach to bloggers as well as thinking about consumer profiles. This is an area that I feel more comfortable in and is a part of marketing in which I feel can be of great value.  I’m really excited to be able to carry on applying what I have learnt at university with éclat and our clients.

Another time I got to use my marketing experience was during our monthly coaching session on ‘How to think and act more strategically’. During this session, we were tasked with creating strategic objectives for one of our clients. This took me right back to an assignment that I had completed at university on ‘Developing Strategy’. For this unit, we were taught some useful frameworks such as the ‘TOWS’ matrix. This matrix sparked my memory as being particularly useful as it uses each element of a SWOT analysis, to create strategic objectives by combining the ‘opposite’ SWOT element; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat.  I got great feedback from the team and we are now planning on incorporating this framework as a tool to help with the strategic planning going forward which I’m chuffed about!

My first month at éclat has been awesome for many reasons but what blew me away more than anything else is the team, I’ve never worked with such welcoming, lovely and hardworking people. Even though éclat is pretty small in manpower, I love that everyone has an active role and the opportunity to get involved with pretty much everything.

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