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International Network


éclat delivers multinational PR campaigns across the globe through its international partnership with other technology PR agencies.

Éclat recently founded the first and only global specialist IT security PR network of agencies called Code Red.  The security PR network currently covers the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Middle East, DACH, Benelux and Nordic countries, Africa and the USA.   All of the member agencies have been carefully selected for their in-depth experience of working with security companies in their regions.  Until now security companies looking for PR partners on a global level had the choice of searching out specialist partners themselves on a country by country basis, or going with a large global PR organization that lacked in-depth security expertise.

Today Code Red offers:

  • Centrally coordinated or individually managed, multi-country security PR campaigns
  • Experienced security PR professionals across the globe
  • In-country PR security specialists who can adapt and develop corporate messages and campaigns for their local market
  • Scope to start in one country and expand internationally as your business grows

If you want to know more about Code Red’s international security PR services please visit the website here or contact dianne@eclat.co.uk