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26 Oct 2016
Kim Smith

Google Analytics for PR – What do you need to know? (Part One)

Kim Smith, Account Director

When you say Google Analytics (GA) to a PR or Marketing practitioner, many may shudder at the thought of it and say it is only relevant for measuring web traffic. However, the way in which the tool has been developed…

25 Oct 2016
Kirsten Scott

Raising Dough for a great cause

Kirsten Scott, Associate Director

It’s no secret that the éclat team are partial to a bit of cake every now and then and Friday afternoons always seem to go that bit faster when fuelled by a chocolate éclair and a cup of tea.  There…

20 Oct 2016
Barry Salmon

The art of pre-pitching

Barry Salmon, Junior Account Executive

It’s a week before the big announcement and your comms team has been discussing ways to leverage the best coverage possible. There is always one trusty tactic which is used to generate the best results:  pre-pitching. This is the tactic…

10 Oct 2016
Kelly Friend

♪ Let’s talk high res baby. Let’s talk about pic quality ♪

Kelly Friend, Account Manager

“Do you have a high res image of…?” One simple question that always makes my heart sink. Given we’re in the digital era, it’s surprising how often we’re still asked for high resolution imagery which, in my book, makes it…

19 Aug 2016
Sarah Daniels

Au revoir!

Sarah Daniels

Having done a few days’ work experience at éclat in Easter, I was looking forward to coming back to work as an intern during my summer holidays. My second year exams sped by and I was soon busy packing up…

11 Aug 2016
Kirsten Scott

Honing Interview Skills – why practice makes perfect.

Kirsten Scott, Associate Director

Something we advocate strongly at éclat Marketing for any spokesperson that’s new to the area of media interviews, or who perhaps hasn’t done any interviews for some time, is the importance of training.  The motto of ‘be prepared’ applies pretty…

10 Aug 2016
Matthew Brown

Cyber, cyber everywhere

Matthew Brown, Senior Account Executive

Not long after I joined the éclat team last year, cyber security suddenly seemed to start exploding. Most obvious was the monumental hacking of TalkTalk in November, which is still being heavily discussed today. The ISP was quickly joined by…

05 Aug 2016
Dianne Canham

Black Hat – The Hackers Playground

Dianne Canham, Founder and director of éclat Marketing

This week the cyber security news columns have been overflowing with reports from Black Hat – the annual Las Vegas junket, where hackers queue up to show off their latest cunning exploits to save the world.    It’s equally possible to…

05 Aug 2016
Matthew Brown

This PR wrote a blog about clickbait headlines and you’ll probably believe what happens next

Matthew Brown, Senior Account Executive

When I first started my practical journalism course in the distant past of 2005, the media landscape was a very different place. The debate about the decline of print as a medium has more or less been going on my…

28 Jul 2016
Kelly Friend

Round and round the table we go

Kelly Friend, Account Manager

In this day and age, it’s so easy to share our opinions at the click of a button thanks to social media. We can hide behind our screens, spouting opinions and challenging others, but what about good, old fashioned face-to-face…