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27 Jan 2017
Dianne Canham

5 imperatives for a successful Agency/Client partnership?

Dianne Canham, Founder and director of éclat Marketing

January is always a time of new beginnings and traditionally one when new agency/client relationships are forged.  But what is the secret to a great partnership?  Here are my pointers to creating a successful client/agency partnership that will stand the…

24 Nov 2016
Dianne Canham

Panning for PR Gold

Dianne Canham, Founder and director of éclat Marketing

We’re always happy to hear the news that one of our clients has appointed a corporate communications lead with journalistic roots. It means we don’t have to spend time explaining why the latest product version xx update is unlikely to…

16 Nov 2016
Matthew Brown

You can’t spell party without PR

Matthew Brown, Senior Account Executive

When it comes to socialising, whether it’s organising a big industry shindig or simply knocking off for a few semi-professional pints, PR has always lagged behind its media industry cousins advertising and marketing. While the other two fields may no…

11 Nov 2016
Kelly Friend

Battle of the sexes

Kelly Friend, Account Manager

As you may know, we have ‘Fat Fridays’ here at éclat where we overindulge on the latest yummy treat of choice. Lately, however, we seem to have had a run of Fat Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on and so…

08 Nov 2016
Barry Salmon

Is education the best form of defence?

Barry Salmon, Junior Account Executive

Last week marked the end of October. When you think of events in October, you tend to think of Halloween, but it also marks an important date on the cyber security calendar, namely Cyber Security Awareness Month. Not, perhaps, two…

02 Nov 2016
Kim Smith

Google Analytics for PR – What do you need to know? (Part Two)

Kim Smith, Account Director

Missed part one? Then click here to find out the first three top tips for Google Analytics (GA) for PR. In the second of these blog posts, we look at how PR professionals can use the GA tools to demonstrate…

26 Oct 2016
Kim Smith

Google Analytics for PR – What do you need to know? (Part One)

Kim Smith, Account Director

When you say Google Analytics (GA) to a PR or Marketing practitioner, many may shudder at the thought of it and say it is only relevant for measuring web traffic. However, the way in which the tool has been developed…

25 Oct 2016
Kirsten Scott

Raising Dough for a great cause

Kirsten Scott, Associate Director

It’s no secret that the éclat team are partial to a bit of cake every now and then and Friday afternoons always seem to go that bit faster when fuelled by a chocolate éclair and a cup of tea.  There…

20 Oct 2016
Barry Salmon

The art of pre-pitching

Barry Salmon, Junior Account Executive

It’s a week before the big announcement and your comms team has been discussing ways to leverage the best coverage possible. There is always one trusty tactic which is used to generate the best results:  pre-pitching. This is the tactic…

10 Oct 2016
Kelly Friend

♪ Let’s talk high res baby. Let’s talk about pic quality ♪

Kelly Friend, Account Manager

“Do you have a high res image of…?” One simple question that always makes my heart sink. Given we’re in the digital era, it’s surprising how often we’re still asked for high resolution imagery which, in my book, makes it…