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10 Apr 2015
Fayrouz Essack

“And finally Fridays: the Apple Watch and Freddos”

Fayrouz Essack, Junior Account Executive

If you follow anyone in the tech industry on Twitter (or indeed anyone who’s a sucker for the next big trend / isn’t living under a rock) you’ll have seen – and probably be sick of the sight of –…

30 Mar 2015
Dianne Canham

The five attributes of a great spokesperson

Dianne Canham, Founder and director of éclat Marketing

The tech industry is full of experts but only a few are actively sought out by the media. We’ve had the opportunity over the years to work with some great ones and some well, not so great ones… So what…

19 Feb 2015
Aaron Cole

Making the most of Tech PR content

Aaron Cole, Junior Account Executive

Content marketing is becoming more and more important all the time, not least so for PR firms looking to promote themselves and their clients – but what is PR content, and how do we make the most of it?Content is…

11 Feb 2015
Fayrouz Essack

My first month at éclat

Fayrouz Essack, Junior Account Executive

Well, if we’re being picky this is technically a look back at my first two months –seeing as I started here on 1st December. But it seems time has run away with me, what with the sheer volume of things…

27 Jan 2015
Kim Smith

Getting your voice heard over the loud speakers

Kim Smith, Account Director

There can be nothing more daunting for a marketing manager than knowing that you’ve spent a small fortune on attending a trade show, which you have to be at as it is not often you get all the key players…

20 Jan 2015
Jenny Davis

How to develop and maintain client relationships

Jenny Davis, Account Manager

At the core of every successful campaign lies the best service, which can make all the difference in PR. Developing and maintaining a successful and effective client relationship does take time, as you get to know one another and identify…

07 Jan 2015
Kim Smith

The Internet of Things + Greater Interoperability =Seamless home or security nightmare?

Kim Smith, Account Director

Now everyone is back from the Christmas and New Year festivities, where no doubt millions of people all got the latest technology gadgets from Santa, all eyes have now turned to Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to see…

16 Dec 2014
Aaron Cole

A brighter future for the telecoms industry?

Aaron Cole, Junior Account Executive

As 2014 draws to a close, reports conducted by various bodies show a marked improvement in the overall financial health of telecoms organisations, prompting experts to forecast rosier times ahead for the European industry in particular with the telecom stock…

01 Dec 2014
Peter Shackleton

‘EU General Data Protection Regulation’ – Are you ready?

Peter Shackleton, Managing Director

This new law will have a major impact on everyone from IT, through compliance, to sales and marketing. The regulation has been under discussion since 2012 with a view to being ratified by EU members next year and implemented in…

25 Nov 2014
Kirsten Scott

Doing the Maths

Kirsten Scott, Associate Director

As we approach the end of the year it’s typically a time when we all take stock. In PR this means  looking ahead to next quarter’s objectives and reviewing what’s been achieved over the previous year. As part of this…