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18 Sep 2014
Bryony Cox

Bunnies, Apples and Salmond – perhaps it’s time we became picky readers?

Bryony Cox, Senior Account Executive

Unless you were hiding under a rock last week you will have borne witness to the biggest news of the year, that Apple has not only finally joined the smart wearables limp with the Apple Watch, but has released a…

10 Sep 2014
Kim Smith

The Smart wearables that convince us that we need them

Kim Smith, Account Director

It won’t have escaped anyone’s notice that in the past 24 hours Apple has launched its latest technical innovations to a packed out crowed in California, with Apple fanatics and the world’s media watching the online streaming. As well as…

03 Sep 2014
James Stockbridge

Five things Viz comic tells us about effective writing. And GCHQ

James Stockbridge, Account Manager

For those that aren’t aficionados of British ‘culture’, you may want to stop here. Viz comic is a profane and utterly un-PC institution. Like ‘The Onion,’ only Northern, better and with comics. Cartoons referencing patristic theology and high culture –…

11 Aug 2014
Peter Shackleton

‘Just Because We Can’ Does Not Mean ‘We Should!’

Peter Shackleton, Managing Director

I have spent most of my career promoting technology in all its myriad of forms. Over the past thirty years I have seen and communicated about the latest and greatest of tech advances through tech PR and any and all…

06 Aug 2014
Kirsten Scott

A ‘Time Out’ Message…

Kirsten Scott, Associate Director

Here’s a rallying cry for taking a quiet moment during the day. You may remember these. It’s when the phones are quiet, the PC’s been switched off for the day and you’ve grabbed a couple of minutes to look out…

30 Jul 2014
Piers d’Orgée

Why Aren’t Wizards, Mages, Alchemists and Paladins in the Media?

Piers d’Orgée, Junior Account Executive

  Amidst intense competition, getting noticed is a challenge. Back in my university days we were shown creative CVs that past students had produced on Adobe Creative Suite to show off their skills in magazine design or whatever was relevant…

25 Jul 2014
Dianne Canham

Introducing our new arrival…

Dianne Canham, Founder and director of éclat Marketing

Does your heart contract with joy whenever you catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye? Do you feel ridiculously proud of, well… just the fact that they exist? Launching our new éclat website to the…

15 Jul 2014
James Stockbridge

Marmalade on my tablet: The Indy, Facebook and a so called ‘Snooper’s Charter’

James Stockbridge, Account Manager

James Stockbridge, Account Manager It’s all about perception. We love a bad news story. An infringement of civil liberties. The latest corporate failure. What the print press would have called a ‘marmalade dropper’ is today’s clickbait. Consider last week’s story,…

11 Jul 2014
Bryony Cox

Hack attack or simply sibling rivalry?

Bryony Cox, Senior Account Executive

Bryony Cox, Senior Account Executive The other week, éclat’s MD Peter Shackleton likened the relationship between client and tech PR to marriage. In light of last week’s Guardian blog by Roy Greenslade, former editor of the Daily Mirror, in which…

09 Jul 2014
Peter Shackleton

Boldon James appoints éclat Marketing for European PR Activity

Peter Shackleton, Managing Director

Peter Shackleton, Managing Director éclat Marketing, the specialist technology PR agency, today announced that it has been appointed by Boldon James, a provider of Data Classification and Secure Messaging solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ Plc., to raise the…