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25 Jul 2014
Dianne Canham

Introducing our new arrival…

Dianne Canham, Founder and director of éclat Marketing

Does your heart contract with joy whenever you catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye? Do you feel ridiculously proud of, well… just the fact that they exist? Launching our new éclat website to the…

15 Jul 2014
James Stockbridge

Marmalade on my tablet: The Indy, Facebook and a so called ‘Snooper’s Charter’

James Stockbridge, Account Manager

James Stockbridge, Account Manager It’s all about perception. We love a bad news story. An infringement of civil liberties. The latest corporate failure. What the print press would have called a ‘marmalade dropper’ is today’s clickbait. Consider last week’s story,…

11 Jul 2014
Bryony Cox

Hack attack or simply sibling rivalry?

Bryony Cox, Senior Account Executive

Bryony Cox, Senior Account Executive The other week, éclat’s MD Peter Shackleton likened the relationship between client and tech PR to marriage. In light of last week’s Guardian blog by Roy Greenslade, former editor of the Daily Mirror, in which…

09 Jul 2014
Peter Shackleton

Boldon James appoints éclat Marketing for European PR Activity

Peter Shackleton, Managing Director

Peter Shackleton, Managing Director éclat Marketing, the specialist technology PR agency, today announced that it has been appointed by Boldon James, a provider of Data Classification and Secure Messaging solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ Plc., to raise the…

07 Jul 2014
Kim Smith

Sporting competition – Are you England or Brazil?

Kim Smith, Account Director

By Kim Smith, Account Director At the moment it seems like I can’t turn on the television without being faced with yet another sporting competition. Whether it is the World Cup or Wimbledon, the air is rife with competitive spirit…

26 Jun 2014
Dianne Canham

The ‘Cult of Personality’ in Tech PR

Dianne Canham, Founder and director of éclat Marketing

By Dianne Canham, founder and director of éclat Marketing I’ve been in tech PR now for more than a quarter of a century which does, I realise, make me nearly as old as a Methuselah. There has been a fair…

24 Jun 2014
Peter Shackleton

Client relationships – a bit like love

Peter Shackleton, Managing Director

Peter Shackleton, Managing Director At the point when this is due to be posted I am on my honeymoon, the second one for me. I think there are striking similarities between client/agency relationships and marriage. You know, it starts off…

17 Jun 2014
Piers d’Orgée

If you hate list-based clickbait, the last paragraph will leave you stunned

Piers d’Orgée, Junior Account Executive

Piers d’Orgée, Junior Account Executive. Picture this. You get home from work and you collapse on the sofa. You don’t want to watch San Marino v Kyrgyzstan. The BBC has decided to repeat that one particularly bland Simpsons episode for…

03 Jun 2014
Dave Wedderburn

Monday morning blues and breaking news

Dave Wedderburn, Account Manager

Dave Wedderburn, Account Manager I have always had an affinity with Garfield. He hates Mondays, hates Nermal, and loves sleeping and lasagne. I’m basically that loveable orange cat. You see, I hate Mondays too. And I really do love lasagne….

27 May 2014
Kirsten Scott

A Leap Across the Pond

Kirsten Scott, Associate Director

Kirsten Scott, Associate Director For US companies making the move to expand into the European market, PR has proven to be a great way to build a buzz and brand profile in a new region. Having worked on many kick-off…